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Chabad Chessed

Chabad Chessed

Chabad Chessed

- A 501c3 NYS Registered Charity Organization -

Chabad, working to make the world a better place for more than 200 Years!

Humanitarian Aid - Make a difference in someone's life today!

Chabad Chessed Secure Online Payment Form
Have an upcoming simcha? Party? In need for folding tables and chairs? You are in the right place!
Chabad Chessed Donate Form
You may donate to the Chabad Chessed goods bank for people in need.
You may donate cars, boats, real estate. Clothing, books and housewares.
We also accept antiques, warehouse surplus, and medical equipment for people in need.

Call in advance (718) 441-2470 ext 6
Chabad Chessed Recipient Form
At this time, the clothing and furniture bank is open. If you, or someone you know needs clothing, or house hold needs, free of charge, please feel free to contact us and will tell you how it works.

For more information about donating larger estates and other items:

Thank Your For Your Consideration!
We loan and distribute Mezuzahs to those in need, and we loan Tefillin in our center for use each day.
Furniture donation is especially critical for low income families and challenged institutions who are forced to make difficult choices between buying food, furniture, prescription drugs, children's clothes, or school supplies and so much more.
Israel Advocacy
Whether it's a coat to keep some one warm in the cold winter months or a cap and shorts to keep them cool in the summer months. Or simply dry on a rainy day, our soldiers deserve the best!
Donating your car is one of the best ways to help people. It gives you a write off on your taxes. It also paves the way to getting a new vehicle and puts funds into the hands that can use it best to serve those in need.
Help Build Jewish Libraries!
In Conjunction with the Gutnick Jewish Public Library and the comes:

Help Save the Seforim!
It works we can accept it!
You know all those stamps you've been cutting off all those envelopes all these years. The one's which you may not have gotten around to use as of yet : ) Yup, Those!
Clinics across the globe struggle to give patients the care they need. Adequate supplies and equipment can mean the difference between life and death.