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Our Staff

Our Staff


Anshe Sholom Chabad JCC

About Chabad Lubavitch

Board of Trustees/Directors

Rabbi Mordechai Hecht
Executive Director

Mr. Emil Babayev         
Interim Co-Director


Jerry Gaeta - Building manager
Stewart Robinson

Shimon Saraf

Administrator - Gabay

Malkiel Chulpayev

Coordinator - Structural Promoter

Adina Goldberg

Recording Secretary - PR Coordinator


Anshe Sholom Chabad


Active Partners Committee

Tzvi Popack, Holiday Cantor

David Mahgerefteh, MD, Torah reader

Yisroel Rozensweig, Torah Reader

Lenny Cohen, Ph.D - In House Cohen Blesser

 Mendy Ungar, EMT, Rabbinical Research & Library Curtaor Assistant

Mrs. Robin Gaeta-Rozensweig - 


Mrs. Marlyn Hertz - Foundation Supporter
Community Partners


In Outreach

Rabbi Menachem M. Hecht

C-Teens & Chabad Forest Hills, North

Mrs. Chaya Hecht

C-Teens, Women’s Circle, C.H.S, C.F.H.N


Shira Mahrgarefteh



Stars of Israel Middle School