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The ALTER REBBE, Trump & The Temple

Mordechai Z. Hecht - 12/6/17 ~ Kiselv 19, 5778

The world is in disbelief.

Our Friends are dancing for us. Our foes, ehhh, who cares.

Shake the cage a little more a little less, the same rats fall out. Our enemies will always look for an excuse to hurt us and destroy the rights of free world and democracy, how much more so, the Nation and Homeland of Israel and the Jewish people.

"During the day of the nineteenth of Kislev the Alter Rebbe was freed from the Peter Paul's Fortress in St. Peters-burg and then, due to a mistake, he found himself in the home of one of the misnagdim-opposers to the Chassidim-for several anguished hours. He was reported to have said that those hours, during which he was forced to listen to his… Read More »

A mountain, a field, a house & Elazar Bar Kapara

A mountain, a field, a house & Elazar Bar Kapara: 

On Men, women and Children

With Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht: 6/52

A student of the great 19th century codifier, the Chasam Sofer notes in a brilliant essay that the sages Abraham, Isaac and Jacob correspond to (3) different stages in the order of descent of humanity via the way in which they refer to the place of the Holy Temple.

Abraham refers to it as Har – the mountain, as in the verse: “He called it the mountain of G-d and…on the mountain of G-d you shall be seen”. (Bereishis 24,14) For it was Abraham who introduced the idea of monotheism for all, into the world. Yet, people were still steeped in paganism and idolatry and honor and ego were necessary… Read More »

"On not going back to sleep"



with Rabbi Mordechai Zev Ben Harav Sholem Dovber Hecht

Anshe Sholom Chabad, Kew Gardens, NY


ויקרא לאחיו לאכל לחם (רש"י) אוהביו

(Bereshis 31,44)

ויאמר לאחיו לקטו אבנים (רש"י) בניו שהיו לו אחים נגשים אליו לצרה ולמלחמה

(Bereshis 31,46)


There are those who come to Shul לאכל לחם – “to eat bread”, perhaps for the coffee and cake, the kiddush, the hot cholent, they will attend functions and dinners and truth be told that’s very nice, participation in any and every form is wonderful. In turn, there are those, as Rashi so eloquently puts it, the אוהביו - the friends and patronizers of the shul or community center.

But what does a shul really need, what… Read More »

Every U.S. State a Gunman?!



Hear this:
"וְיָצְאוּ ישְׁבֵי עָרֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל וּבִעֲרוּ 
וְהִשִּׁיקוּ בְּנֶשֶׁק וּמָגֵן וְצִנָּה בְּקֶשֶׁת וּבְחִצִּים וּבְמַקֵּל יָד וּבְרֹמַח וּבִעֲרוּ בָהֶם אֵשׁ שֶׁבַע שָׁנִים" (יחזקאל לט, 
פסוק ט)

"And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall make fires of the weapons and use them as fuel, both the shields and the bucklers, the bows and the arrows, and the hand-staves, and the spears, and they shall make fires of them seven years". (Amen)

This is a verse which is a source in ancient Biblical Hebrew for the word Gun or weapon.

Ironically, it is also the same letters and is the same root word of the word in this following verse, which… Read More »

Lineaglessness, Ibn Saruk & Rashi 2/52


On Menachem Ibn Saruk, Rashi

and Lineagelessness 2/52


with Rabbi Mordechai Zev Hecht


G-d Promises Avram Children

This weeks Torah portion of Lech Licha is a monumental one where G-d continue to test Avram in so many ways, and at the same time promises him soo many blessings in the most profound way ever recorded. One of these dialogues between G-d and Avram goes like this, in Bereshis chapter 15:

(1)  “After the words, of Avram who verbalized his worries about losing his future reward, the word of G-d came to him in a vision saying:”Don’t be afraid, Avram!” I am your shield, (to protect you from being punished for the people you killed in battle) – “Your reward is… Read More »

On Social Behavior & Leadership 1/52


-      Rebbe Yehoshua Ben Perachia -

On Social Behavior & Leadership

1/52 : By Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht


He was the head of the Jewish Court (Nasi Sanhedrin) in the 2nd century CE. He was a known zealot in establishing law and order in the Jewish community. Some even attribute him as being the one who denounced the infamous Yochanon the High Priest (Kohen Gadol) as a Sadducee- (Tzidokee) and had him impeached after 70 years of service in the Temple.

Some further attribute him as the one who pushed away Yehoshua the Notzri, learning from his mistake and becoming the author of the following statement. One of the very few statements in the entire Talmud quoting him.

 “Yehoshua ben… Read More »




By Mordechai Z. Hecht


This article is not one of those perfectly sized or perfectly placated ones. You’ve been warned.

This article is different.

I'm gonna ask a series of questions and then, well then the ending is in your hands. Like your life. Well atleast part of it!

Have you ever read the Rabbeinu HaRav Meiri on Teshuvah? The Rambam's Laws of Teshuvah? How about Shaarei Teshuvah of Rabbeinu Yonah? One more, Misechtas Yoma or the Avodas Yom HaKippurim Hamevuar?



If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is not for you. At this point I'm going ask you kindly to please close your online-internet service provider and move on.… Read More »

L.E.D. Leadership, Education, Demand: Mattos Massei

L.E.D - Skills for Educating Children and ourselves 

We've all heard the term "Life is a journey", the source for this idea is right here in Parshas Massei - the portion of the "Journeys" of the nation of Israel.

Yet, we find something seemingly awkward, when the Torah lists the journey of the Jews leaving Egypt it says "these are journeys" and then it enlists where they "encamped", their "destinations" and not there "flight path", that doesn't seem consistent?

To explain this we are taught that in fact life's journeys are not only our actual periods of movement and travel but even and precisely when we are stagnant and stable this too is  the torso of the… Read More »

Sridei Eish & the Rebbe: Ordination

ON SHABBOS I RETOLD THIS STORY - ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING STORY and then some, and promised the source: Here it is:…/Details-of-the-Rebbes-Rabbinical-Or…

Appendix: you need to know who the Sridei Eish was to understand the depth and profundity of this story.

Daily Blessings: Rabbi Hershprung & The Rebbe


Today is an awesome day, as today is the Rebbe's 23 Yahrtseit.

I want to share with you a short yet powerful story I recently told over:

Last week I met a special man, Mr. Hershprung, he lives in Flushing. He's a torah scholar in hiding. When I met him I asked him to please share with me something special about his late father, a Torah genius with photographic memory and a master of Torah scholarship.

Softly and graciously after much schmooze between him n' I , he shared the following:

"When I was a student in Yeshivah my father always wanted to know 1 thing, " was I making brochos". Before and after I ate, after the bathroom, in the morning in the evening, brochos - was I making my fair share of… Read More »

Passing on the Tradition

 Published 5/2/17

Shabbat Parsahat: VaEschanan:
Deuteronomy 3;22-23- 7;11
Shabbat Nachamu 2013:
Shabbos of Consolation after the 9th of Av – the day the 2 Temples were destroyed
by Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht
A rich man by the name of Abe, having confidence in his son, gave him all his property in his lifetime. After
a while, the son began to neglect his father, ill treating him and eventually sending him away to be among
the beggars.
One day the old, once rich man, clad in tatters, met his grandson and asked him to beg his father to let him
have a mantle to cover himself, as it was so cold. After much begging, the father sent his son up to the loft
to fetch a… Read More »

Relieving the Pressure of Judaism


Relieving the pressure of Judaism


Sefiras HaOmer 5777 -

Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht

Anshe Sholom Chabad JCC


This morning I went with a community member and his wife to the Rebbe’s OHEL in Queens, NY.


On the way we were talking about life and Mitzvos, and out of no-where he says to me,"you know I just started learning the laws of Shabbos, if we really have to do all these laws how can anyone enjoy Shabbos?!"


Ironically, we were driving, so I said to him, the first thing that fell into my head (how empathetic), “you know, for a new driver, learning to drive and the laws of the road and road safety is soo much to manage, often even overwhelming to handle. It's why we have… Read More »

On Jewish Books in the Technological Age: Part I


On Jewish Books in the Technological Age
בענין בית מלא ספרים 


with Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht
Nissan 5777


In the following Responsa, the question of mourning and rending one’s garments on the loss of Holy texts as if they were humans, is addressed. The Responsa gives you a bird’s eye view of what this occurrence was like for the Jews at the time that the question was raised. The question is heart wrenching and the answer is awkwardly heartwarming, as the Jewish people show deep and endless respect for the ‘book’.


Shailah – Question:
“With regard to the great fire that we experienced here which consumed hundreds of Seforim… Read More »

Your Rebbe, My Rebbe

 rebbe smiling.jpg

דורשין שלשים יום לפני החג
Shevat 10, 5777

Would be 67 years since the Rebbe assumed his mantle of leadership




Embracing the Rebbe you never met

Musings of Mordechai Z. Hecht

Forest Hills, NY


“In the days of the Alter Rebbe the Chassidim had a familiar saying: "The piece of bread that I have is yours just as it is mine." And they would say the word "yours" first, "...yours just as it is mine." (Hayom Yom, Iyar 15)


I was speaking with a friend of mine just the other day and he told me we are coming up on twenty years of the Rebbe’s passing, “Twenty years, that’s huge,” he said. The Rebbe held… Read More »

Dating Commentary 5777-01


From A friend:


An emotionally unavailable partner will avoid talking in an intimate setting the majority of the time. They give you excuses as to why they can’t meet up with you in person or talk on the phone, and prefer texting and emailing instead. If you have a partner like this, it definitely points to emotional insecurity and fear of intimacy, because face-to-face interactions require much more vulnerability than they feel comfortable with.

My take: 


Once upon a time people wrote letters, post cards and telegrams.
In those letters they had time to… Read More »
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