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Your Rebbe, My Rebbe

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דורשין שלשים יום לפני החג
Shevat 10, 5777

Would be 67 years since the Rebbe assumed his mantle of leadership




Embracing the Rebbe you never met

Musings of Mordechai Z. Hecht

Forest Hills, NY


“In the days of the Alter Rebbe the Chassidim had a familiar saying: "The piece of bread that I have is yours just as it is mine." And they would say the word "yours" first, "...yours just as it is mine." (Hayom Yom, Iyar 15)


I was speaking with a friend of mine just the other day and he told me we are coming up on twenty years of the Rebbe’s passing, “Twenty years, that’s huge,” he said. The Rebbe held… Read More »

Dating Commentary 5777-01


From A friend:


An emotionally unavailable partner will avoid talking in an intimate setting the majority of the time. They give you excuses as to why they can’t meet up with you in person or talk on the phone, and prefer texting and emailing instead. If you have a partner like this, it definitely points to emotional insecurity and fear of intimacy, because face-to-face interactions require much more vulnerability than they feel comfortable with.

My take: 


Once upon a time people wrote letters, post cards and telegrams.
In those letters they had time to… Read More »

To Love a Structured Life


By Mordechai Zev Hecht

Rabbi at Anshe Sholom Chabad Queens, NY

Structure returns to life in September or better yet after Labor Day - after the welcome disruption of summer, summer camp, vacation and the unwelcome but pervasive new school year blues. People are generally of two minds about structure. Some tell you enthusiastically how they organize their homes and lives so they can discharge dizzying numbers of responsibilities and still find time to be spontaneous and creative. Others are frankly disgusted by the concept, preferring to float on impulse from one pursuit to another in the belief that chaos fosters spontaneity and creativity.

Who's right? It depends on the individual, according… Read More »

GALA DINNER 80+9 - 2016





I met Rabbi Hecht in the Spring of 2013, after living in Kew Gardens for 2 years - without any shul to call my home. We met and discussed our upcoming marriage and the spirituality involved in the auspicious event. This was our introduction to Anshe Sholom Chabad.

Just about one year later in July 2014, as is customary on the 3rd of Tammuz (the Yahrzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe OBM), Adina visited the Rebbe’s Ohel with the Rabbi and members of our congregation. As visitors wrote notes to be read graveside - making requests and wishes known of Hashem - the Rabbi said that one shouldn’t merely make requests, but, as one does… Read More »


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In addition to a) learning about challah b) making your own to take home c) we will be making challahs for you to give to someone who would most likely not have challah on their table this coming shabbos. [Co Sponsored by Mr & Mrs.Leora Schneck Danino – in honor of her Father Rabbi Shneck OB”M.]



Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht


Many people say “I always wondered what challah is? Why is it different then regular bread? What’s all the fuss about? Always wondered what "challah has been taken" meant on matzoh boxes too, it made no sense that challah would be mentioned on a matzoh box, since we eat matzoh instead of bread during… Read More »

On Eradicating Evil; Once and For All


Have you have experienced a situation where your leadership let you down.

I am not talking about in politics or your elected official, for that sadly way too often goes without saying.

I’m referring to a situation where someone you (once) respected let you down. In a place of this individual or group of individuals who you expected a robust and responsible and ethical and law abiding response - you got nothing?! Well, there comes a time when "We the people", the simple man and women must realize the truth and act, and remind again and again the leaders of the new reality.


I want to share with you a story of my great grandfather.

You see my grandfather… Read More »




By Mordechai Z. Hecht

Dedicated to the Henkin Family and our fellow Americans in Oregon

When the skies are open, birds fly.

When people ‘drink’, they get high.

When winds blow, leaves fall.

When people grow older, they become tall.

When it rains, the earth gains.

When people eat, they take a seat.

When people run, they use their feet.

When people sleep, they lie in bed.

When people are no longer alive, they are called dead.

When one gets a cut, one screams.

When one get’s shot, it’s the end of their dreams.

When human beings get hurt, one is pained.

When people die, human beings cry.

Terrorism is real like rapists, and people that steal.

If we sit back and say nothing and resent… Read More »

Hidden Secret in Yosef's Tomb

by Mordechai Z. Hecht



If you are like me, your heart dropped when you heard what they did to Yosef HaTzaddik – Joseph’s Mausoleum. Feelings of sadness, rage and anger filled your heart and rushed through your blood. How could they?!

Like with everything, I turned to the Torah for counsel and look what I found. Take a seat. This is huge.

ויאמר ישראל אל-יוסף, הלוא אחיך רועים בשכם--לכה, ואשלחך אליהם; ויאמר לו, הנני.
“Yisrael said to Yosef, “Aren’t your brothers pasturing in Shechem? Come, “I’ll send you to join them.” “I’m ready,“(Yosef) said to him (his father Jacob) (even though he knew his brothers hated… Read More »

Divine providence





Mordechai Z. Hecht



My regularly scheduled Thursday evening classes were recently dismissed for three weeks so I can research the concept of Divine Providence.

I have been blessed to find tremendous resources from our Rebbes of Chabad, as well as the great authors of this century and as early as the Bible itself.

Over the weeks I have managed to open dozens of books, and research hundreds of sources in this regard and have blown my mind away every page I turned.

It turns out that the Divine Providence concept is a web of ideas and counter ideas - A bouncing idea lending itself to gravity and then leaving gravity. Placing it’s onus on G-d… Read More »

Yizkor - Remember




 A review of the Pesach Yizkor Drasha

Delivered by Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht

Anshe Sholom Chabad JC

Rough Draft



I didn’t sleep well last night.

I woke up this morning and feel that my thoughts may be scattered. So please forgive me.

It’s quite an irony because did you see the weather outside. What a day. The sun is shining and there is a warm breeze blowing.

You know, some times the job of a Rabbi seems easy. People come to synagogue. The Rabbi get’s up and speaks, he sits down and all is well.

But you know, sometimes, a rabbi has huge responsibilities. Sometimes he has so many thoughts and so many stories and so many parables that it can be a great… Read More »

Diversity & Creativity of G-d


Diversity & The Creativity of G-d


If asked to list the greatest miracles of all time, most of us would include Kriyas Yam Suf - The Parting of The Sea. This is due to a variety of reasons.

First of all, of all the miracle recorded in the Torah, it is probably the most famous.

Secondly, it’s theatrical presentation has all the elements of a real "keeper."

Thirdly, The players also worked really well together. On the one side, the most advanced civilization and powerful army of its time. On the other side, a just freed nation of slaves numbering in the millions.

The Rabbis explained that the miracle of Kriyas Yam Suf - Parting of the Sea was much more spectacular than what we have been told. The… Read More »

Madoff Scandal: A response

  (...old post relocated)

How do we approach the Madoff scandal from a Jewish - Law Perspective?

Mordechai Z. Hecht

This discussion in no way reflects my personal opinion or any authoritative ruling of any present day Jewish court, rather a re-view of the facts on the ground. 
First and foremost it is so important that before we ever jump to judge someone, especially when based on governmental indictments and Media frenzies, that we "Judge everyone with the benefit of the doubt". 
Secondly.  before we go on a tantrum about him and him alone we must discover if these allegations were done by him and him alone. And if his actions… Read More »

Tzedakah & Children




Tzedakah & Children

Top 10 reasons to have kids &

young adults give tzedakah, Daily.



by MaZeH


1) “Tzedakah outweighs all other Miztvot[1]”.

Although children under the age of bar/bat mitzvah are not generally obligated in giving Tzedakah (unlike other mitzvot) none the less as part of Chinuch[2], we educate children to do so earlier on in life in order to accustom them to this pivotal mitzvah (and all mitzvot of Gemilas Chasadim in general as well)[3].


2)”Great is the power of Tzedakah because it brings closer the Geulah”[4].

We all ask Hashem multiple times a… Read More »


( ...old post relocated)

Haredi crusade against immodest clothing goes up in flames

Haredi extremists in Jerusalem discover reason for troubles befalling Israeli people: Immodest clothes worn by women. For months, activists go door to door collecting clothes that don't hold up to rabbis' modesty standards. Thursday confiscated clothes set ablaze, pamphlets with list of forbidden clothes distributed...

A Response

by Mordechai Z. Hecht

Protests, uproars and all sorts of demonstrations, nothing new to the Jerusalemite Hareidi community. At first glance when a common, secular or rational Jew see's and here's about something like this what is it that first crosses their mind? "These people are crazy","nuts"… Read More »

Buber, Bokser & The Rebbe


rebbe smiling.jpg 

Buber, Bokser & the Rebbe

In honor the day of Passing, Taamuz 3,

of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Shneersohn


By Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht,

Forest Hills, NY


Three Great Myths


Three of the greatest myths in life include, “Where I live will make no difference on my lifestyle,” “who I fraternize with will have no effect on my character,” and finally, “what I eat will have no consequence on my health.”


We are all now well aware of the reality that where I live will have a very great impact on my lifestyle, who I fraternize with will surely affect me in so many ways and what I eat will definitely affect my health.


Often in life… Read More »

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