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The Spolan Chabad Hebrew School strives to create a rich, vibrant learning environment in which we can nourish our children's growing Jewish identities, and one of the ways in which plan to accomplish this is ny learning the language of the Jewish people.

We strive to build the skills that children will need to be participatory members of their community with the ability to read and writre Hebrew.

The methods we use to accomplish this is at age-appropriate level, and test what they have learned through prayer, discussion, and interaction with fellow students, teachers and staff. Family synagogue participation in services, Hebrew School events, and social action projects will further enrich children's Jewish education.

The text books include the nationally acclaimed Alef champ program as well as the Alef - Tav Sytem as well as the behrman House publishing text books. All together producing wonderful results.

Jewish History & Culture


To truly know where to go and how to get there, one needs to know where he or she comes from.


We explore the great story of our great history dating back to as far as the first man Adam and women Eve, to as recent as the establishment of the New world in Israel and America.

Being a Jew in America is no easy task yet one of the great sources of inspiration is reading about the great Heroes and heroines of days gone by.

Learning and exploring the greats of our past will help us create the greats of our future.

The methods we use include the teachers Guide to Jewish Exploration, the Behrman House publication on Jewish History as well as the Bible itself as well as the Tzivos Hashem handbook for Jr's.

All of the texts and workbooks serve as an enormous resource of Jewish History as well as culture.

Honey and ApplesJewish Holidays & Values


Explore what it truly means to be a Jew even in America.

Find yourself in Judaism through multiple hands on experiences.