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Paying Taxes & My Bar Mitzvah


Paying Taxes and My Bar Mitzvah

A Thought – by MZH

Paying Taxes, Oy Vey!

We pay Taxes and we get infrastructure and democracy in return. Or assumedly we do. (I stopped counting the pot holes in my community, and how many times the DOS didn't take my garbage, or how many times I needed the police and they never showed up...)

But the idea of paying Taxes is perhaps as old as the world itself.

What I, like so many others don’t get is why we need to be taxed everywhere, all the time. You know what I mean ?!

First we pay income tax - federal and state, Social Security tax (which I may never see - considering it's going bankrupt very soon) , and then we pay sales tax, gas tax, cell phone tax, FCC tax, tax tax, tax and th… Read More »

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