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In light of  "The Citi World Asifa'

by Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht

- with the help of an old historian.


The Chabad Challenge

Indeed it is difficult for many circles within Judaism to live in the presence of Chabad Lubavitchers.

It is irritating and most uncomfortable. Chabad Lubavitch embarrasses the world as they have done things which are beyond the imaginable. They have become moral strangers since the day their forefathers, the Baal Shem Tov and The Alter Rebbe, introduced the world to high ethical standards and to the fear of Heaven and Love of G-d, joy in Torah and Mitzvos and accepting individual-Divine providence as pivotal and central themes in Judaism.

Scho… Read More »

Marriage. 1+1 = 1

 Marriage – 1+1=1


Rabbi  Mordechai Z. Hecht


 Never say Never!


Until that bright and sunny day comes, and you meet the girl or guy of your dreams and you tie the knot.


They say Marriage works like this:

First it’s the stomach churning and the butter-flies. Then, it’s the stars and the fire-flies and then…

Well, and then it’s the dishes fly.


Or, as a wise man once said:

Marriage is made of three rings, the engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering


It doesn’t have to be that way!


Marriage is in fact the most amazing thing in a person’s life. Growing up we are alone, our souls lonely, we are fragmented only tryi… Read More »

Global Warming - An Introduction

 Should Torah Giants take up Global Warming?

By Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht

Elementary version


What is Global Warming you ask.

If you walk into a Torah study hall they will tell you Global Warming is similar to the fulfillment of a prophecy that in the Messianic Era the sun will be removed from it’s sheath and the sun will shine in it’s full strength[1].

But apparently the global warming the world is talking about has nothing to do with that rather what our very own past vice president of the Clinton administration brought to our attention and that is the Climate Change and Global warming caused by Carbon Monoxide and greenhouse gases. Since than the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has put m… Read More »

Salt. The Myth, The Legend, The Torah



The Myth, The Legend, The Torah


Pre-publication version

By Mordechai Z. Hecht

Iyar 5772


Traditionally, we find the world over, that Jews, any time when eating bread[1] in a meal dip the bread in to salt[2]. Most often perhaps you will notice this on Shabbos, when two loaves of Challah are blessed upon[3] and sliced. After which, the challa is then dipped into salt, passed around for all to share.[4] The question is why? Why do we dip bread into salt? What is the reason and the source for this practice?



In the world of medicine[5] there is a great discussion over the importance and purpose of salt in one’s diet. Surely some would like to say this is the reason. As a Jew I say, … Read More »

Rose Amongst Cactus

Mcallen, TX.

I return from my trip today, with my wife and daughter, to my dear younger brother, Asher and his wonderful, pregnant wife Dina and two daughters, Mushkah and (T)Cherna. What a wonderful family and place. G-d bless em.

Mcallen Texas - the city of bottled water and water softeners. Citrus fruit  and corn farms. Little league horse racing  and pawn shops - virtually on every block.

Situated in the Rio Grande Valley, on the border with Mexico, this region is actually home to a few hundred Jewish families. Mostly of South American descent, yet many other American and Israeli citizens have migrated here over the years for business. Being on the on the border with Mexico many companies have manufacturing plants down here… Read More »

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