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The Shofar Sounds - What's all the Noise about?


How significant are the sounds of the Shofar?

Compiled by Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht


Shofar introduction

The Shofar -- the traditional horn, although it comes in but one bent shape, it comes in various sizes, it’s the rams horn or a goats horn we blow on Rosh Hashanah (except when the holiday falls out on Shabbat) and at the end of Yom Kippur in the synagogue.

The question is, how important and how significant are these shofar sounds? Come to think of it, there is nothing else like it in the entire Jewish calendar. In Judaism we have Prayers, Torah study or hands on mitzvoth, this is the only musical/instrumental mitzvah of it’s kind, which is practiced in our days, in the exile – when we are not united… Read More »


We always hear about the "Charedim" and "Chilonim" in Israel. The first being the 'religous' and the latter being 'the opposite'. In truth Charedi means the one who "fears", ie. one who is afraid of Hashem - "Yirah" of Hashem.
The root word for Yirah is "Roeh" to see - one who feras G-d is one who sees - the consequnces of one actions - and sometimes that causes fear.
Does that make sense to you?!
If they are so religous what are they afraid of? My friends the answer to this ironic quandry is, that the truth is the opposite of Charedi is not Chiloni - its "Ohavei" - the opposite of fear is love. Fear… Read More »
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