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Hidden Secret in Yosef's Tomb

by Mordechai Z. Hecht



If you are like me, your heart dropped when you heard what they did to Yosef HaTzaddik – Joseph’s Mausoleum. Feelings of sadness, rage and anger filled your heart and rushed through your blood. How could they?!

Like with everything, I turned to the Torah for counsel and look what I found. Take a seat. This is huge.

ויאמר ישראל אל-יוסף, הלוא אחיך רועים בשכם--לכה, ואשלחך אליהם; ויאמר לו, הנני.
“Yisrael said to Yosef, “Aren’t your brothers pasturing in Shechem? Come, “I’ll send you to join them.” “I’m ready,“(Yosef) said to him (his father Jacob) (even though he knew his brothers hated… Read More »

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