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On Eradicating Evil; Once and For All


Have you have experienced a situation where your leadership let you down.

I am not talking about in politics or your elected official, for that sadly way too often goes without saying.

I’m referring to a situation where someone you (once) respected let you down. In a place of this individual or group of individuals who you expected a robust and responsible and ethical and law abiding response - you got nothing?! Well, there comes a time when "We the people", the simple man and women must realize the truth and act, and remind again and again the leaders of the new reality.


I want to share with you a story of my great grandfather.

You see my grandfather… Read More »




By Mordechai Z. Hecht

Dedicated to the Henkin Family and our fellow Americans in Oregon

When the skies are open, birds fly.

When people ‘drink’, they get high.

When winds blow, leaves fall.

When people grow older, they become tall.

When it rains, the earth gains.

When people eat, they take a seat.

When people run, they use their feet.

When people sleep, they lie in bed.

When people are no longer alive, they are called dead.

When one gets a cut, one screams.

When one get’s shot, it’s the end of their dreams.

When human beings get hurt, one is pained.

When people die, human beings cry.

Terrorism is real like rapists, and people that steal.

If we sit back and say nothing and resent… Read More »

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