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The ALTER REBBE, Trump & The Temple

Mordechai Z. Hecht - 12/6/17 ~ Kiselv 19, 5778

The world is in disbelief.

Our Friends are dancing for us. Our foes, ehhh, who cares.

Shake the cage a little more a little less, the same rats fall out. Our enemies will always look for an excuse to hurt us and destroy the rights of free world and democracy, how much more so, the Nation and Homeland of Israel and the Jewish people.

"During the day of the nineteenth of Kislev the Alter Rebbe was freed from the Peter Paul's Fortress in St. Peters-burg and then, due to a mistake, he found himself in the home of one of the misnagdim-opposers to the Chassidim-for several anguished hours. He was reported to have said that those hours, during which he was forced to listen to his … Read More »

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