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Passing on the Tradition

 Published 5/2/17

Shabbat Parsahat: VaEschanan:
Deuteronomy 3;22-23- 7;11
Shabbat Nachamu 2013:
Shabbos of Consolation after the 9th of Av – the day the 2 Temples were destroyed
by Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht
A rich man by the name of Abe, having confidence in his son, gave him all his property in his lifetime. After
a while, the son began to neglect his father, ill treating him and eventually sending him away to be among
the beggars.
One day the old, once rich man, clad in tatters, met his grandson and asked him to beg his father to let him
have a mantle to cover himself, as it was so cold. After much begging, the father sent his son up to the loft
to fetch a cert… Read More »

Relieving the Pressure of Judaism


Relieving the pressure of Judaism


Sefiras HaOmer 5777 -

Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht

Anshe Sholom Chabad JCC


This morning I went with a community member and his wife to the Rebbe’s OHEL in Queens, NY.


On the way we were talking about life and Mitzvos, and out of no-where he says to me,"you know I just started learning the laws of Shabbos, if we really have to do all these laws how can anyone enjoy Shabbos?!"


Ironically, we were driving, so I said to him, the first thing that fell into my head (how empathetic), “you know, for a new driver, learning to drive and the laws of the road and road safety is soo much to manage, often even overwhelming to handle. It's why we have instr… Read More »

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