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Sridei Eish & the Rebbe: Ordination

ON SHABBOS I RETOLD THIS STORY - ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING STORY and then some, and promised the source: Here it is:…/Details-of-the-Rebbes-Rabbinical-Or…

Appendix: you need to know who the Sridei Eish was to understand the depth and profundity of this story.

Daily Blessings: Rabbi Hershprung & The Rebbe


Today is an awesome day, as today is the Rebbe's 23 Yahrtseit.

I want to share with you a short yet powerful story I recently told over:

Last week I met a special man, Mr. Hershprung, he lives in Flushing. He's a torah scholar in hiding. When I met him I asked him to please share with me something special about his late father, a Torah genius with photographic memory and a master of Torah scholarship.

Softly and graciously after much schmooze between him n' I , he shared the following:

"When I was a student in Yeshivah my father always wanted to know 1 thing, " was I making brochos". Before and after I ate, after the bathroom, in the morning in the evening, brochos - was I making my fair share of blessings"… Read More »

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