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Daily Blessings: Rabbi Hershprung & The Rebbe

Wednesday, 28 June, 2017 - 2:20 pm


Today is an awesome day, as today is the Rebbe's 23 Yahrtseit.

I want to share with you a short yet powerful story I recently told over:

Last week I met a special man, Mr. Hershprung, he lives in Flushing. He's a torah scholar in hiding. When I met him I asked him to please share with me something special about his late father, a Torah genius with photographic memory and a master of Torah scholarship.

Softly and graciously after much schmooze between him n' I , he shared the following:

"When I was a student in Yeshivah my father always wanted to know 1 thing, " was I making brochos". Before and after I ate, after the bathroom, in the morning in the evening, brochos - was I making my fair share of blessings".

"Once", he continues, "when I returned home from Yeshivah, it was a holiday, sukkos, after the holiday was over and it was time to resume to put on tefillin daily, as we don't on The holiday, my father said to me:
"Aren't you excited", I said to my father, "about what", and he replied, " that you get to make a Brocha and put on Tefillin again, aren't you excited- a whole week you didn't put on tefillin".
This was my father!

Brochos, hmmm. So simple, yet so holy and special!

This "father", *Rabbi Hershprung ZT"L was a chosid of the Rebbe, a Rosh Yeshivah in Montreal, Canada, who inspired and educated thousands of students.

He, like countless other great leaders have absorbed and transmitted the dedication to torah and the love of mitzvos to the next generation, and for all generations to come, please G-d.

***Who was rabbi:

***The depth of the rebbe - chosid relationship:…/many-people-assume…

(*Far right, seated,lighter colored garment)

[ as I was recently cleaning out a box of genizah for Chabad Chessed, I came across this picture, I knew I had to share this story ]

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