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L.E.D. Leadership, Education, Demand: Mattos Massei

Monday, 24 July, 2017 - 12:41 pm

L.E.D - Skills for Educating Children and ourselves 

We've all heard the term "Life is a journey", the source for this idea is right here in Parshas Massei - the portion of the "Journeys" of the nation of Israel.

Yet, we find something seemingly awkward, when the Torah lists the journey of the Jews leaving Egypt it says "these are journeys" and then it enlists where they "encamped", their "destinations" and not there "flight path", that doesn't seem consistent?

To explain this we are taught that in fact life's journeys are not only our actual periods of movement and travel but even and precisely when we are stagnant and stable this too is  the torso of the journey.

Furthermore we are taught, that not only is life a journey, the ups and the downs the settled moments atop the actionable moments, one should always see every moment as an opportune one to accomplish something special , spiritual and G-dly wherever and whenever they may find themselves.

When Moshe recounts the journeys he says as Rashi expounds, "here we slept", ×´here we were cold", and "here you had headaches". Strange! Really is this how Moses fills up his Diary? The Mahral of Prague in the Gur Aryeh explains, an awesome explanation.
1. Here we slept refers to, the days of peace and security, when we felt safe and protected by God.
2. Here we were cold to the teachings of Torah and to the warmth of Judaism and to the will of God.
3. Here you had headaches, the places where we felt unsafe, our minds were deeply concerned for our well beings.

These times, are  experiences that we all go through in life. The Torah wishes to share with us that in fact life will always be a challenge and a journey.

This year the portion Massei - the portion of Journeys is proceeded by Matos - the portion of Leadership. As G-d spoke to Moses and expounded on various teachings Moses in turn speaks to the Jewish Leaders before the masses and only then relays the ideas to the masses, teaching us that leadership comes first. One must first study the idea, absorb the values oneself and only then pass it on to our students and our children and then on to the next generation.

In our journeys of life if we want success and productivity we must first lead, and then educate and then demand, L.E.D. If we demand without leadership, living by example as leaders, and exemplifying the education, in turn inspiring those we wish to inspire, we will face an insurmountable journey, one where success will not be in our horizon.

However, if we lead by example and educate then we can demand from others in a most successful way. 

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