The ALTER REBBE, Trump & The Temple

Thursday, 7 December, 2017 - 10:34 pm

Mordechai Z. Hecht - 12/6/17 ~ Kiselv 19, 5778

The world is in disbelief.

Our Friends are dancing for us. Our foes, ehhh, who cares.

Shake the cage a little more a little less, the same rats fall out. Our enemies will always look for an excuse to hurt us and destroy the rights of free world and democracy, how much more so, the Nation and Homeland of Israel and the Jewish people.

"During the day of the nineteenth of Kislev the Alter Rebbe was freed from the Peter Paul's Fortress in St. Peters-burg and then, due to a mistake, he found himself in the home of one of the misnagdim-opposers to the Chassidim-for several anguished hours. He was reported to have said that those hours, during which he was forced to listen to his host’s abuse of the Baal Shem Tov, of the Maggid, of himself, and of Chassidim in general, were more painful than his incarceration in the Fortress." (

Setting aside the outright prohibitions that were transgressed in this episode such as the slanderous accusations spawned by evil informers, this dissension, as everyone knows, had a root in the spiritual realm.

"The Alter Rebbe was imprisoned as a result of mortal deeds, snitches and and slanderers of our own, sadly, and it was also as a result of mortal deeds that he was freed and that he then found himself suffering further in the home of an antagonist."

"All mortal deeds take place by Divine Providence, but they are open to man’s free choice." G‑d’s foreknowledge does not preordain: any individual can choose to obey his Good Inclination with the same fiery zeal that he obeys his Evil Inclination.

Moreover, when choosing to heed the Good Inclination one is actually helped from Above. There is a verse that says, “Behold I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil.” Another verse says, “Life and death have I set before you...; choose life!” The Gemara teaches: “If a person seeks to become defiled, the way is left open for him”; that is, the path of his choice is not obstructed. On the other hand, “if he seeks to become pure, he is helped.” (See this weeks Portion with Yehudah and Tamar)

People have free will to act as they choose

Trump, be it wise and classy, or fool and "meshuganah", he chose.

He chose to set the antagonist straight. You rat on me, lie cheat and steal and place me in Jail and now you continue to rant and rave over your foul and rotten actions.

Nations of the world have lied, cheated and stole our rights and freedoms for centuries and millennia and finally when a man in the "White' House" chooses to stand up and say the truth, the truth which every one really already knows, we get antagonized?! Indeed worse than the prison we lived in before. For one reason: history will show who our friends are and who our foe. Who celebrates in our shining hour. Nations and leaders of the world who don't join the "Free Will" of upright humanity and call the spade for what it is, are the rats of society, who were always there, but simply stick there head up once more for all to see.

In 1948 when the world turned us down, you to, rats of the world stuck your ugly heads up, this is nothing new. Stand strong my fellow Jew - this land is ours. The one upon which our Holy Temple was built time and again, and will once again be built upon very soon.

"Divine Providence chose that the Alter Rebbe should be the general in the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov. In establishing the foundations of Chabad, the Alter Rebbe set up a lamp in the public domain in order to light up even people’s workaday, mundane lives, even in the Diaspora and darkness of the Exile."

The Midrash states: “Until Avraham the world ran its course in darkness; when Avraham came he began to radiate light.” So too the Alter Rebbe in his time. He reignited the spark within thousands of Jews across the continents...and look where we are today.

Trump, chose to be an emissary of truth and G-dliness. And at the end of the day, our actions of truth and braveness are what matter. History will prove no doubt to be monumental and courageous and a source of much future blessing for all.

The world is no longer in the Dark.

We all know the difference between the evil and rattiness of the rotten people and nations of the world, and Israel - the people and it's Homeland.

"Thank You G-d for placing wisdom in the heart and mind of our leader and all the world leaders who support this move and serve to protect the sovereignty and freedom of the Jewish people, and please G-d bring back our Holy priests and our king Moshiach and our system of Jewish leadership, so peace and love can reign on earth for all people, speedily in our time, Amen"

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