New York is back: a day in the life summer 2021

Sunday, 6 June, 2021 - 4:56 pm

My daughter liba is off to summer camp in two weeks and she asked me If we could head to the city one time before shoe goes away for two months To which I gladly relied in the affirmative. Little did I know that I might just enjoy the day More than her. We started out at midtown and walked down town to Strands books store. Strands is a unique place as it had old new and used and vintage books all in one spot. After picking up a few good reads on American Jewish history we made out way to a park. As a native of Forest Hills I don’t spend much time in the city But eventually I found out the name of the park. Union square park , what a place . People of all walks of life. All ethnicities and colors and types. Eventually I take a seat on a bench across from some homeless people on one side, some youngsters on the other and our friends the pigeons upfront and center. I manage to read a few pages from one of the books I had just purchased and then off we went to explore the sites and sounds of this park. As I’m walking through the park I begin to contrast and compare with My visit to a park in Zurich Switzerland, three years ago. Then I start to recall my stroll through the park in Scotland and Melbourne Australia. Places I’ve been All in recent years. Amazingly I have to say this park takes the cake. The diversity, the share depth and breadth of what is going on in the center of our city truly makes for a tourist destination. As the stroll continues I can not help but notice the street bands, the African drummers, the amazing Jazz musicians and all the artists and vendors selling fresh and colorful art work, each with a unique twist. All in all my walk through Lincoln Square park was quite inspiring refreshing and even motivating. I also found it quite funny that I had just purchased another book and Lincoln Only to learn that this park had a statue of him. Living in NY my entire life and still learning new things. Take a few minutes, hours and days this summer to get out! Get out and explore the wonderful city and country we live in Enjoy it and let it a source of revitalization and inspiration for you and your friends. New York- welcome back home. Link to photos : Link to “Lincoln and the Jews: book review”
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