Rabbi Mordechai Z. Hecht

הרב מרדכי זאב העכט 

Born and raised right here in Forest Hills Gardens, NY; studied here until High School. Moved on to study in Brooklyn, NY and completed High School & Mesivta. Moved onto Melbourne, Australia, where he received his Talmudic Degree and then London, England and Leeds, England to complete Rabbinical College.

Returned to NY to study for the traditional Semicha-Rabbinic Ordination in Brooklyn, NY at Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch - Central.

After serving for some time in Monsey, NY as a teacher,  Bet Medrash Supervisor,  & High School Administrator, he moved out to Redmond, WA to complete a two year internship as Director with the Chabad outreach center at Microsoft - Main Campus.

In 2007 he returned invigorated and excited to establish a long awaited Chabad Home, right here in Forest Hills-Kew Gardens but only after a summer at the Ivy League Torah Study Experience where he lectured on Torah, Science and Technology.

Serving the past 18 years in the greater central Queens area area with a host of outreach and communal programs and events, including the Anshe Sholom Chabad Jewish Community Center in Kew Gardens, NY.

Rabbi Mordechai Z.  Hecht is a 3rd generation Rabbi on his Fathers side and 7th generation Rabbi from his Mothers side, and is a proud 7th generation New Yorker. 

He has served since 13 years as a EMT - Volunteer Member in Hatzolah of Queens and other medical groups.

Rabbi Mordechai Z.  Hecht also dedicates his time to the study of Torah & Medicine and the sciences from a Torah perspective some of which is reflected on his many online audio recordings and postings: "On Healing Refuah & Halacha Series" - found on Sound Cloud. 

Author of the Purple Book - "102 Questions to ask before you get engaged, married and your first ten wedding anniversaries".

Rabbi Hecht has earned various Rabbinic and post Rabbinic degrees in Jewish law both in the US and Israel including Dayonus - Rabbinical Judicial Ordination, he is a member of Vaad HaRabonim of Queens and various other advisory boards in his community and beyond. He is also a member and official secretary of the Vaad HaRabonim of East Flatbush.

In 2008 he also founded www.chabadchessed.org a non for profit organization, and non denominational umbrella charity, which serves both  the environmental stresses of our Torah and addressing the needs of the Tri-state Jewish community particularly new young couples starting out in life, families in need and divorcees in need. 

Rabbi Hecht also serves as USAFR Chaplin in Langley, VA.


Rabbi Hecht is available for public lecturing, advice and legal council by :

Main Office: (718) 441-2470 x 2

Beth Din: (718)735-0231


Email: [email protected]