Anshe Sholom Chabad JCC
aka. Kew Gardens Anshe Sholom Jewish Center Inc. est 1928.

The Congregation owns a cemetery section at New Montefiore Cemetery in Pine lawn/Babylon, NY, a well-maintained cemetery offering a tranquil and dignified setting as a final resting place for loved ones. You do not to be a formal ASC member to purchase ASC burial plots. Below are the current prices, which are less than what it would cost if purchased directly from the cemetery.

To purchase please mail us at [email protected] or please call: 718-441-2470 x 1.

ASC Board and Cemetery Committee has an excellent background memorandum with detailed information about the cemetery.

Please note that the Cemetery has its own independent Rules and Regulations, including those governing the erection of headstones, family stones, footstone, etc. Before purchasing, you will definitely want to review the cemetery’s Rules and Regulations, copies of which may be obtained from the Synagogue Office.

Your plot purchase does not entitle you to grave maintenance (e.g., “perpetual care” or “annual care”), which is a separate fee charged by the cemetery to those who contract with them for the service. The congregation does not maintain the graves it sells, and the cemetery does not maintain graves that are not covered by a graves maintenance contract. Without a maintenance contract, your cemetery plot(s) will soon be overgrown with weeds and unmown grass, to the great dismay of your living relatives.

Purchasing burial plots at this time makes good sense because:

  • You have insurance for virtually everything in life that most likely will not occur (e.g., fire, disability, theft, etc.), so it stands to reason that you ought to address this inevitability.
  • Plan ahead by purchasing ASC burial plots while your family is in good health. Waiting for the moment when the necessity of arranging a plot is immediate can be stressful for loved ones who are already under great emotional stress, and creates unnecessary financial pressure for your family during an already difficult time.
  • It is in keeping with Jewish tradition to provide a common burial ground for one’s family. In fact, the very first property purchase for which there is a biblical record describes our Patriarch Abraham buying a family plot.
  • The final resting place is a religious sanctuary. When located on the grounds of an established congregation like KJ, approaching its 150th year, and by contracting for maintenance with the cemetery, you have good reason to believe that your burial plots will be maintained with dignity and propriety.
  • Put your house in good order by purchasing ASC burial plots, filing the paperwork with your other important records, and never thinking about the matter again until after 120 years of joy and blessing.
  • For a Map Of The Cemetery click here
  • Do you already own a plot, or looking for a family member? Please click here to be directed to the search engine.
  • For a PDF Download of Our Jewish Cemetery rules and regulations click here
  • Have Plots And Want To Donate or Sell Them Back To Us - email us at [email protected]
  • For Laws of Mourning Shiva click here
  • For Burial Permits Stone Permits please email [email protected] or call 718-441-2470 X2 and we'll connect you with the Cemetery Plots Director.