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Donation Program
Queens, NY

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Donating your car to Chabad! One of the best ways to help people. It gives you a write off on your taxes. It also paves the way to getting a new vehicle and puts funds into the hands that can use it best to serve those in need.


We are able to convert your donation into significant resource for someone in need.

We can arrange the pickup of your car or truck donation nearly anywhere in the 5 Boroughs. We also accept boats, jet skis, wave-runners, row boats, motorcycles, RVs, and even real estate. Our focus is not so much on what is given as it is on those we can help with the products & proceeds.

We are particularly looking for cars not older than 10 years old, unless of course you are looking to donate a classic. We are also looking for situations where you may be relocating, or perhaps you had two cars and are looking to donate one, or other circumstances which enables you to donate a 1/2 decent car in decent condition for someone in need.

Cars older than 10 years old may also be donated for a tax deduction.

We do not discriminate any which way whatsoever in who we take donations from and or who may allocate the car to.

Your 2nd car can be someone else's first.

Your classic car collecting dust can be turned into cash to help the needy.

Whatever it may be, your car donation today will help us reach out and serve our community in unprecedented ways.

Whether it's a good car or just an old piece a junk, we accept it all and will provide you with a fair tax deduction receipt for your contribution.

Maybe you've had too much with your boat, motorcycle or RV, we can now accept these items too. No bike too small no boat to big.

Sorry, we don't offer any gimmicks, like free vacations and things like that, but we can give you a fair and honest tax deductible receipt for your donation today.

Donating a Car or other vehicle - IRS FORM DTF -802

Learn more about Proper IRS Giving Procedures. (IRS Pub. 4303)

Other Charitable Contributions - IRS Information

Learn more about properly disposing of a vehicle.

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