Kosher Queens

Kosher Queens, New York, USA

________________ Chabad does not certify establishments kosher in Queens__________________

Queens is a very Jewish borough in New York but is NOT like Boro Park, Crown Heights, or Williamsburg etc. The local Hashgocha is a reputable Kosher certification lead by reputable Rabbonim, but, like numerous kosher certifications in the USA and Israel, do not adhere to the highest levels of Kashrus available. Therefore we bring you a clear list for your information.



* Most of these establishments are 10-20 minutes drive from the Ohel Chabad Lubavitch.

** 10-30 minutes from LaGuardia and JFK airports

*** 20-30 minutes from Crown Heights 

**** Many are on apps online and deliver. Plan ahead. Enjoy!

The following is a list of common establishments that are certified kosher by the  Vaad Harabonim of Queens. (Two Chabad Shluchim are on the Vaad)

Green Establishments: Entirely pas yisrael and bishul yisroel. Practically speaking, always good to ask and confirm with restaurant or mashgiach when you go).

Dairy: Kosher Cholov Yisroel

1) Benjy's Pizza: (Main Street)

2) Naomi's Pizza

3) Care Muscat

4) Bravo Pizza

5) Main Street Bagel (ask for Uri)

6) Jewel Bagel

7) Bagels and Co. ( 188th St)


Meat: All Glatt! (Mehadrin) Chasidish Shechita or Beit Yosef

1) Grill Pointe

2) Pita Hot

3) K Burger

4) Burger Plus (Union Turnpike)

5) Meal Mart (Main Street)

6) Chosen Gardens - (Chinese)

7) Hapisgah

8) Sushi Fusion

9) Sushi Tokyo 

10) Pahal Zan


Sizable, Strictly Kosher Supermarkets, that carry all your heart desires:

1) Seasons

2) Aarons / Kissena Farms

3) Rosenblums

4) Wassermans

5) Forest Hills / Rego Park Trader Joe’s also carry’s many kosher products 

6) Queens Kosher Pita - large bakery

Orange Establishments: Under the Vaad (VHQ) but not pas, bishul or strictly cholov yisroel. Buyer beware.  

Red Establishments:  Under the Vaad but owned by Goyim, open shabbos and not bishul or Cholov or Pas yisrael.

1) Dunkin Doughnuts - main street (sometimes they have Cholov yisroel milk for coffee) 

Chabad has a ballroom available for catering and planned events of all types. Our ballroom can host up to 120 guests and we have a full commercial kitchen; dairy & meat.  

You may whatsapp us at: 347-730 7933 for more information.

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