King David, once said in the book of Psalms:



"Turn away from evil, and do good, seek peace and pursue it"


The Shield represents our daily struggle and constant battle of guarding ourselves from any evil desires and inclinations. G‑d has given man quintessential free choice and we have the ability to control our lusts and negative desires and of course our actions.

The Menorah and the flame represents our resolve to action. Not only for ourselves but to light up the world around us. In fact, sometimes when we feel the community responsibility, that inspires us to do even more good and to not only be active but even proactive.

The Olive branch represents peace. A commodity we should all treasure. Quite frankly we all wish and pray for peace across the globe, in our home towns, between family and friends, and perhaps most urgently in our hearts and minds.

And of course the Star of David, an icon we can all relate to, standing strong as an icon of Jewish pride and association.

Finally, The 10 Commandments represents the core foundation of our beliefs and the foundation of our morals and value system.

Bringing all of these together and creating a single icon not only looks good, but G‑d willing shall serve as a symbol & source of inspiration, invigoration and strength for all.