• Lending
    Borrow a book, video or audio/video from our ever growing selection of our library. Books may be borrowed for 3 weeks at a time. No Late Fee's. But please borrow responsibly.
  • Open Bet Medrash
    Come in and enjoy our spacious learning library.

  • Gutnick?
    Why is the Library called the Gutnick Library?

Be a part of what will largest growing, public, Jewish lending Library in Queens. Which will serve the broad spectrum of Jewish scholarship and literature. All contributions are tax deductible and will serve it's purpose well for generations to come, right here in central Queens.

You may also donate books to help us build other Jewish Libraries in the Metropolitan Tri State Area.


Our Libray in Queens includes various sections and is color coded: 

  • Heichal Shlomo: Talmud and Halacha
  • Heichal RASHB"I: Kabbalah
  • Heichal Baal ShemTov: Chassdius
  • Heichal Shoshanah: Chabad Cafe 
  • English Library: 
  • Heichal Anshe Sholom - Vintage Library: By appointment Only 



Email: [email protected] or Call: (718)441-2470 X 1
Or come on by: 82-52 Abingdon Rd. Kew Gardens, NY