Donate Today to the Gutnick Public Library

Dear Friend,

Our goal is to create the largest library of it's kind in Central Queens.

You donation of books, shelves, furniture and financial contributions will go a long way in serving our ever growing and diverse community.

Please contact us to learn more on how to make a donation or visit our donate link on the left navigation bar, to place a secure online donation.

It is great mitzvah to donate books in the memory or in merit of a loved one. Each contribution will be noted precisely.

Thank You.

We Would like to Thank the Following Families who Have Contributed Most Generosuly:

  • The Zirkiev Family - The Complete Library of the late Dr. Leo Green.
  • The Solomon Gad Family - The Complete Library of the late Shlomo Gad.
  • Dr. Simcha Abraham & Family -Gutnick Chumash Collection.
  • The Katz and Stark Family - Library of the late Mr. Stark - Holocaust Survivor.
  • The Sufrin Family & YHS Construction Corp.- expanding our english readers section.
  • The Fleet St. Foundation - High Holiday Books and More.
  • The Applebaum Family - The Complete library of the Late Dr. Applebaum.
  • The Kronefield Family - Art & Histroy Section.
  • Ms. Gail Greenbaum - The Kabbalah Section.
  • Mr. Seth & Aviva Brender & Family - The Gutnick Chumash Collection.
  • The Ittenburg Family - The Computer Database Hardware.
  • And many other individuals who have contributed accordingly. Join this list Today!