Jewish | Adult Education 2023/24
It's For Everyone

What Does Jewish Wisdom have to offer? We all recognize that in order to lead a healthy life, we have to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly. We make sure that we ingest only foods that promote wellness and engage in activities that are consonant with strengthening our bodies.

But what about our minds? What about our souls? They, too require attention in order to maintain their health, thereby enabling us to live fulfilled holistic lives. The thirst for truth and meaning within us needs to be quenched we need to be thinking about why we’re here and what the deeper purpose of life is.

This, then is the mission of Chabad of the Gardens Torah Center: To give you the opportunity to explore and deepen your spiritual awareness and appreciation of Judaism in a friendly, open environment. With courses, classes and discussions dealing with a wide range of topics, we hope you will find something that piques your interest and inspires you.

If there is a particular area of Jewish Thought you would like to explore, we welcome suggestions and are always open to creating new groups. We encourage you to discover the beauty and depth of the heritage that is your birthright, and look forward to learning and growing together.

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