Chabad Seforim 

Chabad Jewish Books Depository


Here is how books will be accepted
PLEASE EMAIL: c[email protected]  


1. Genizah - items for burial is $35 a box (avg box size  one can carry (checks payable to: cash)
2. Images of books - in boxes to the spines or on shelves to see the spines
3. Boxes should be dropped off unless otherwise arranged, please email us for address location.
4. Drop off must be confirmed.
5. Torn books and all booklets should be separately boxed from good proper books.
6. As we are inundated with requests, receipts will be issued within 90 days.


Please make a special request with Subject:
RECEIPT PLEASE: include Name, address, cell phone, and or estate or multiple names receipt must state.
7. We thank you for your kindness and consideration



In conjunction with the Gutnick Jewish Public Library
and the

Help Save the Seforim!

Millions of Jewish books and Good reusable Jewish Articles

get buried each year or even in some situations thrown out or shredded.

You can help!


Help Build Jewish Libraries!

You can put good used books in the hands of those who will use them and often in the hands of those who can't afford books and Jewish articles.

Books: we can accept your pre-owned NEW or USED books, as well as all multimedia. 

Your pre-owned books will go to great use today.

*DIVIDE torn and old used books with good used and new books - and send us images.

Don't trash books when you can recycle them - with new owners who will benefit tremendously from them.

For more information:

Email images to: [email protected]